Gymfinity International has an array of programs as outlined below.




Gymnastics Teams accommodate the equivalent of USAG levels 3 and higher, as well as a pre-TOPs team. Teams practice between 4.5 and 16 hours per week, attend special events and exhibitions, and an in-house competition each year. Levels 6 and higher also attend one international competition each year. Minimum age for teams is 5 (pre-TOPs) or 7 (Galaxy and Cosmos.) All placements are through evaluation only. PCSing families may submit a video or previous competition results for placement.




Developmental Gymnastics classes for beginning and intermediate gymnasts begin at age 6 and include instruction on the four apparatus (vault, bars, beam, floor,) trampoline, and introductory gymnastics-dance. These classes emphasis strength, flexibility, and conditioning for safe progressions.

Comets classes are for beginners and last one hour.

Meteors classes are for intermediate gymnasts and last one hour and fifteen minutes. Athletes must complete a skill evaluation for placement in the Meteors class.




Pre-school Gymnastics classes provide an introduction to fundamentals, motor skills, vocabulary, and gym discipline concepts, through fun gymnastics-based activities.

Super Stars are potty-trained children ages 3 through 5 who may participate in our independent gymnastics class.

Shooting Stars include ages 18-months through 3 years and require a participating caregiver (a classic “mom-and-me” class with any caregiver over the age of 15 welcome.)




Fitness Programs offer a variety of gymnastics-based classes to supplement fitness goals.

Tumbling classes provide acrobatic skill progressions on the floor and trampoline designed with “other” sports in mind, such as cheerleading, trick skiing, diving, or circus arts. The primary focus is on strength and conditioning to acquire handsprings, saltos, and twisting skills.

Boys Fusion classes provide tumbling and acrobatic skill progressions on the floor and trampoline, as well as basic bar skills and parkour-style movement techniques. The primary focus is on strength and art of movement.

Homeschool P.E. is designed for homeschooled children who need to supplement their schooling with fitness. Gymnastics-based activities and strength conditioning are included along with other sports and games.

Adult Fitnastics focuses on strength, balance, and flexibility, incorporating gymnastics skills as part of a complete fitness routine. Complete beginners and former gymnasts are welcome as the course adapts to each athlete’s ability. Serves as a great supplement to yoga, crossfit, aerial arts, etc.

Circus Fusion combines various elements of Circus Arts, such as aerial silks and lyra, with a strength and flexibility circuit, to teach graceful and captivating circus performance skills, and improve confidence. Complete beginners through advanced performers are welcome as the course adapts to each athlete’s ability. Serves as a great supplement to yoga, crossfit, or any other fitness program.




Day Camps are offered in December, June, July, and August. Camps include gymnastics instruction and gymnastics-oriented games and activities. Holiday and “PCS” camps are available for registration on a daily basis, while summer camps are offered as weekly registrations.


Special Programs


Tot Open Gym allows a supervising parent with children under the age of 6 to explore the gym and equipment on their own. Great for rainy days to get energy out!

Open Practice allows gymnasts age 6 and older to attend a structured “open gym” style practice. Group warm-up is followed by event rotations in which gymnasts choose their own skills to work on.

Birthday Parties include structured games and open gym time on the gym equipment, as well as cake/snack time, staff, and party clean-up. Party slots are available on select Sunday afternoons.

Performances are scheduled for team athletes to participate in community events such as parades and festivals, half-time shows, etc.

Exhibitions and Competitions are held annually for team members and their families.

Private Lessons are available for any athlete to hire a specific coach for one-on-one training.