Gymfinity has a variety of gymnastics programs available. Browse our program descriptions below and let us know if you have any questions!


Gymfinity’s Performance Teams accommodate the equivalent of USAG levels 5-10, as well as German AK 12+ and LK1-3. Performance Teams practice between 15 and 21 hours per week. These teams compete in various programs including the German DTB system, Bundesliga, American USAG, IAIGC/USAIGC, FIG, and independent international organizations, depending on the competition selection for the year. All placements are through a formal tryout only. PCSing families may submit a video or previous competition results for temporary placement until the athlete can be evaluated.


Gymfinity’s Developmental Teams accommodate the equivalent of USAG levels 2-4, pre-TOPs and TOPs, as well as German AK7-8 and LK3. Developmental Teams practice between 2 and 13 hours per week. These teams consist of our prep-teams and early entry teams, and compete in our annual in-house competition. Some Developmental teams also participate in local or international competitions depending on their competition selection for the year. All placements are through invite, evaluation, or tryout only.


Gymfinity’s Recreational Program includes a variety of classes to develop skills, confidence, learning, and progress in a fun family environment.

  • Girls Gymnastics :: Comets (beginning), Meteors (intermediate), and Asteroids (an Xcel-style teens-only recreational team)
  • Acrobatics & Tumbling :: A&T, cheer, and tumbling classes
  • Boys Fusion :: fitness class based on principles from tumbling, parkour, ninja, and more!
  • Circus Fusion :: Aerial arts including silks, lyra, and rope, with an artistry, strength, and flexibility focus.
  • Adult Fitnastics :: a fitness and gymnastics fusion class designed for beginning through advanced adults. Join us if you’re learning to cartwheel, or if you used to compete a Tkatchev!


Pre-school Gymnastics classes provide an introduction to fundamentals, motor skills, vocabulary, and learning through movement in a fun environment with gymnastics-based activities. Our Shooting Stars are caregiver assisted, while Super Stars and Mega Stars are independent classes. Moonwalkers is our parents’-day-out preschool, available one to five days per week.


Gymfinity hosts and attends multiple events throughout the year including competitions, clinics, and camps. Please check our social medias for the most current information.

Getting your athletes properly placed is important for reaching their maximum potential and enjoyment!
The following flow chart helps show the various ways athletes move through our classes.