Gymfinity International GmbH offers a Volunteer Exchange Program available for qualified international coaches and judges. Volunteers will contribute their time through coaching or educational clinics and camps, and are provided with room, board, and transportation to and from the gym. This exchange-style program allows them a traveling and tourist opportunity to explore Europe from their home-base in Kaiserslautern, while volunteering with international gymnasts and furthering their experience.

Our Volunteer Exchange Program is available only for members of their home country’s Governing Gymnastics Body (for example, USAG in America, BG in the UK, etc.) or who are certified through an independent gymnastics organization (USAIGC, AAU, etc.) Certification documents must be provided.

Program lengths vary and are available in time increments between two weeks and three months.

Background checks, video interviews, proof of certifications, references, and proof of health insurance are required. Some countries may require a special visa.

Volunteers wishing to apply for a limited one-year or indefinite employment contract at Gymfinity may use this time to apply for a residence and work permit from the German government. Consideration for employment will only be made after these permits are obtained.

If you are interested in our Volunteer Exchange, please email us through our contact form.