Setting Goals!

Alison Arnold "Doc Ali" over at Headgames, gives us a quick lesson on the importance of setting goals in this video. Goal-setting is extremely important for athletes, and is the best stepping stone to having a successful season. Goals help athletes push themselves in a healthy way, and give them a stronger sense of accomplishment … Continue reading Setting Goals!

More Benefits of Gym, in only 8 weeks!

Did you know that gymnastics acts as a terrific base for almost every other sport? Our program sets our gymnasts up for success not only to be gymnasts, but to be well-rounded athletes for other sports too. Gymnastics provides foundations for balance, grace, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, strength, and more! In fact, a study published earlier … Continue reading More Benefits of Gym, in only 8 weeks!

Jenileigh’s Energy Bites

Coach Jenileigh (who is also a nutritionist) shares a great recipe perfect for your athlete to bring to practice for an extra boost of energy! We always want our kids to be fit, healthy, happy, and full of energy! Part of raising a healthy athlete includes making sure that they are getting the right food … Continue reading Jenileigh’s Energy Bites

National Gymnastics Day #NGD2017

Our USA Gymnastics Parent Organization hosts the 19th National Gymnastics Day this Saturday! Use the hashtag #NGD2017 with a photo or video of your favorite skill to enter to WIN, and leave a gym salute on the USAG Facebook page at 1pm with  #showyoursalutechallenge ... don't forget to tag us so we can see, too!