Check out Gymfinity’s “extended family” of organizations we love to work with:

The gymnastics leotards shown on our website: long-sleeved leotards are made in the UK by Milano Pro Sport, star tank leotards were created in Canada by Aelite Design.

Our custom gym matting is manufactured in North Carolina by Carolina Gym Supply, or in Germany by Bänfer.

Our all-time favorite gymnastics education courses are provided at the annual Gymnastics Association of Texas Convention in Austin, TX.

Our program structure is based on several programs including IAIGC and USA Gymnastics levels, rules, and policies. Our levels consider USAG guidelines and Deutscher Turner-Bund guidelines, to accommodate both American and German gymnasts.

Our Adult Gymnastics Fitness concepts have been drawn from a lifetime of experience, but we especially appreciate the training philosophies over at Power Monkey.

Need local T-Shirts or Signs? Our neighbor Jörg can help you and is conveniently located in the back section of the Gymfinity building.

We are putting together a list of our recommended gyms near military bases for our athletes to seamlessly transfer to upon their re-assignment to the US.