Gymfinity International is a gymnastics academy in the Kaiserslautern area, serving American, German, and Expatriate gymnasts from beginning to advanced levels.

Gymfinity provides a gym home for American gymnasts to develop and maintain their skills while their families are stationed overseas, enabling them to seamlessly transfer from their gym in America to Germany, and re-enter their gymnastics programs when they return home. Gymfinity creates engaging training for these athletes who are often dealing with unique circumstances such as deployments and frequent moves. A “gym family” provides a constructive outlet to help combat the stresses of their complex situations, while gymnastics provides a foundation for life skills and success.

Local German and expatriate community athletes are also invited to participate in training. Establishing positive relationships between the American community and the local population through mutual gymnastics appreciation and language immersion, creates lasting international friendships between children of both communities.

Providing a gymnastics structure that combines the gymnastics goals and levels of both country’s parent organizations allows gymnasts to be successful in either country’s gymnastics system. Competitive gymnasts at Gymfinity have competition opportunities in both Germany and America, as well as other countries.

Gymfinity is the first and only gymnastics academy to offer a comprehensive training program for all levels of gymnastics in Kaiserslautern, utilizing internationally approved state-of-the-art equipment and fully qualified staff.

The founder has been passionately and actively involved in the gymnastics industry her entire life in every role from gymnast to coach to manager to judge, and is also the mother of gymnasts, allowing her to understand the industry from all angles. She is a Veteran, having served as PAO in Afghanistan, is married to a Soldier, and is living in Germany for the third time.

Gymfinity was born from a lifelong love of gymnastics, dedication to athletes, and desire to increase international sportsmanship and health for future generations.