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Setting Goals!

Alison Arnold “Doc Ali” over at Headgames, gives us a quick lesson on the importance of setting goals in this video.

Goal-setting is extremely important for athletes, and is the best stepping stone to having a successful season. Goals help athletes push themselves in a healthy way, and give them a stronger sense of accomplishment by seeing tangible results.

At Gymfinity International, we encourage our athletes to set short term goals (such as hitting ten series connections) and long term goals (such as learning specific new skills by the end of the season.) We use visual aids to help solidify their focus.
It is important for coaches to know the goals of the athletes in order to help reach them. Doc Ali tells us that “70% of people that set goals, achieve goals,” but our job as coaches is to teach all of our athletes that each goal they set can be attained with proper focus and determination.
Don’t forget to ask your athletes what goals they have set over the last week, and check out their star goals by the stretching mirrors!

-Coach Tiffanie Bass

Assistant Team Coach