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More Benefits of Gym, in only 8 weeks!

Did you know that gymnastics acts as a terrific base for almost every other sport?

Our program sets our gymnasts up for success not only to be gymnasts, but to be well-rounded athletes for other sports too. Gymnastics provides foundations for balance, grace, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, strength, and more!

In fact, a study published earlier this year in The Physical Educator found that gymnastics practice helps strengthen not only gymnastics-based skills, but also gross motor skills and strength in general (1), and another study in August found that just 8 weeks of gymnastics training can significantly improve spatial memory in children (2)!

This sport also teaches our athletes to achieve more than they thought possible through hard work and dedication. Children enrolled in gymnastics practice following and understanding verbal instruction, working cooperatively with their peers, and setting and pursuing goals!

Who knew being upside down could have so many benefits?!



Michaela Kelley

Volunteer Exchange Program, Developmental Program



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